‘I believe that a different therapy must be constructed  for each patient because each has a unique story.’ Irvin D. Yalom

there is hope if you feel hopeless

    Gala Therapy offers a free, non-obligatory session to support you (or someone close to you) during this period of unexpected changes caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The lockdown can be very challenging depending on circumstances and can impose many unanswered questions.

    I would be happy to help you to calm your thoughts if you feel confused and worried about the present and/or the future. Feel free to send a message to arrange the free session or to ask any question – I am here to listen, understand and do my best to help you or someone close to you.


     How many people do we know who did not experience worry, fear, loss or sadness? In my opinion, there is not one person in this world completely free from those feelings. And because each of us is different and has a unique way of thinking, feeling and behaving, we deal with those feelings in our own way.

     Sometimes our feelings can be so overwhelming that it becomes too difficult to cope on our own, we feel lost and do not understand our reactions and what is happening to us. That is when some of us search for help and therapy and counselling gives you access to someone who can listen and help to understand what is going on.

Get to know yourself better
A healthy inside starts from the outside. Robert Urich

     Life has become very demanding in the last decades and it brought much more stress into our everyday lives. In between our family, relationships, work and social life, which we need to deal with on a daily basis, sneaked in high competition and pressure from society to achieve the best results. The outcome – it is often hard to find time for relaxation, sharing with others and taking care of ourselves.

     With our mind preoccupied, our feelings are often put aside or ignored as we are trying to impress the world. Our priorities changed and finding time for therapy became more difficult as there is not much time left at the end of the day. The stigma is still surrounding mental health, which prevents some people to visit a therapist’s office also. Those are the two main reasons why people choose online therapy and counselling.

     Here, I would like to offer you a safe environment to explore your problems and I can promise that I will do my best to support you on your way to getting to know yourself better and gaining control over your life. You will learn more about your emotions, condition or symptoms, you will be able to identify behaviours which are getting in the way of your happiness and wellbeing. This knowledge will help you to heal past pains, provide you with ways to increase your self-confidence, improve your relationships and find new ways to solve problems.

Whatever your issue – I am here to offer you guidance without judgement.