‘May your choices reflect your Hopes, not your Fears.’ (Nelson Mandela)

You have a choice because forming relationships is not always easy

and the therapist-client relationship is no different.

I offer you:

  • Free consultation with no obligation – it is your choice
  • Safe, confidential and non-judgmental space – talk freely and feel comfortable
  • Evening and weekend sessions – flexibility for your convenience
  • Worldwide therapy sessions – connect wherever you are in the world
  • Sound only therapy sessions – you can stay anonymous

     That is why I offer you a FREE and no obligatory 50 minutes session where we can meet, talk about what brings you here, what you would like to change or achieve and where you will be able to ask as many questions as you like. I will explain how online therapy works and what you can expect from me. After that, it will be your decision to continue therapy with me or not and I will not judge you regardless of your choice.

     If we agree to work together, the price for following sessions will be negotiable in these special circumstances. My aim is to make therapy affordable to everyone so we can discuss different options taking into account your personal circumstances.

     You can also e-mail me explaining briefly your situation to check which options are available to you.